Oamaru Sculptures
Hand carved Oamaru pieces & meanings 

                                                                    Matau / Fish Hook


Represents strength, prosperity and abundance, it also represents a provider to ones whanau.  The Matau can also represent a connection to the ocean.

                                                            Pikorua / Eternity Twist


Represents the joining of two people or peoples through the journey of life, no matter where their

paths may take them separately they always remain strongly connected through aroha and loyalty. Where there is a spiral, this represents someone special, a loving relationship. The koru represents a new growth & beginning. 

                                                                   Roimata / Teardrops


Represents healing, reassurance and comfort. The koru represents the start of a new journey, a new        beginning and someone very special. Choose from any of our teardrop designs


                      Unity / Aroha

Represents eternal aroha between two people or peoples.


                                                                             Whanau of koru


Represents the whanau with each koru representing a person or group of people eg: Father, Mother and children, grandparents etc. Pieces can be designed with the number of koru you are wanting. Please note: Prices vary with this sculpture



                                       Represents a spiritual guardian