Frequently asked questions

What's the process of ordering ?

Once you have chosen the package and sculpture you are after , we then send through a full invoice with bank details for payment . As soon as payment is made I start to carve the taonga that has been chosen.


We also start to draft up the wordings that have been sent through by whanau . Once the draft layout is complete this is sent back to whanau for proof reading & date check. When the whanau is happy with the proof the engraving is done.

Meanwhile a copy of the photo supplied by whanau is sent to the processors to have made into the 8 x 10 oval headstone porcelain. 


The Porcelain Photo

This is sent through to a trusted business affiliate that does a great job. Please note that they don't accept screenshots of photos , nor cropped photos. They will crop the photo themselves.

The best digital version of the image will always have the best results.


How long does a package take to make up ?

If I have the carving stone and granite available in my workshop it usually takes between 2 to 3 months depending on the design. If however I need to order the stone from the South Island it could take up to 5 months due to freight and stone prep time.



Do we have payment plans / or do laybys?

Sorry, we do not do laybys or time payments - being a small business and solo carver I require payment in full to obtain carving materials and stone.


How does payment work?

We require payment in full before we start any headstone. This is largely based on being such a small business that we are unable to carry deposits or time payments. But once payment is made we start the project straight away . We send through an full invoice with bank details on it for payment .This invoice is also great for whanau and their trust records if required.



Can I view your mahi ?  I don't have an open shop to the public as I work from home . But an organized viewing is no problem at all. I generally don't have a lot of pieces to view but always have mahi on the go. Viewing would be in Huntly    Email me to find a time that suits us both. 


We is pickup from ?  Pickup is from our home in Huntly. We don't advise picking the stone up with a trailer as they tend to bounce around in transit. When picking up, bring plenty of soft blankets for the stone to lay on.



What is Oamaru stone and how long does it last? Oamaru stone is a natural limestone cut out of the hills of Oamaru in the bottom of the South Island. It is a heavy, durable stone that once sealed makes a long lasting headstone/memorial. Like all other headstones Oamaru stone does require a little aroha / maintenance down the track to keep it looking great . This involves applying a spray of moss killer eg: 30 seconds, wet & forget, when necessary , just to keep the mold spurs from growing.  



We don't install the headstones themselves , this is left to whanau. However we do have a install page on this website which may help.






Do I carve custom pieces ?  Only if I feel I can do the design justice and it will hold up strength wise. I however don't duplicate / copy other artist mahi .  ( Please note : that a custom piece could incur more cost )



Where is pickup from ?  Pickup is from our home in Huntly. We don't advise picking the stone up with a trailer as they tend to bounce around in transit. When picking up, bring plenty of soft blankets for the stone to lay on.


Can we freight a piece?

Yes, we are more than happy to freight a piece at the cost of the purchaser. I currently use Toll freight which can send a piece to a local toll depot for whanau to pick up. But pickups by whanau are always welcome and encouraged as this is always safer.


How much notice?

I do not take long term orders as I am a solo carver I prefer not to lock myself in to a commission I may not be able to do. The best time to contact me would be about 16 weeks / 4 Months out from when you need it. Or if possible go ahead with the piece sooner rather than later so that it is in your possession.


Can I take orders long in advance?

I am unable to take long term orders as I cannot guarantee that I will have the stone available when you are ready to have your piece sculpted, and due to minimal workshop space I am unable to store pieces. It is often better to have the piece sculpted sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.